Many people are unaware that our mouth and jaw are connected to our entire body. For some people, their teeth do not meet harmoniously, therefore potentially causing permanent damage to the teeth and jaw joint. Not only can the jaw joint and teeth be affected, but the stress on the muscles in the face, head, neck and back can be affected as well. When these muscles are under such duress, they can trigger migraines, headaches, neck back and facial pain, facial asymmetry and other body pains. There are many people suffering from these aches and pains and are unaware that their mouth could be causing these symptoms.

  • Helps relieve Migraines & Headaches
  • Can aid in relieving Neck & Back aches
  • Helps to relieve Jaw & Facial pain
  • Create a better quality of life
  • Can be a long term solution with no medication


Is there any way to help my symptoms?

Now, with all the advances in technology, we can relate the pains and migraines to the mouth, and in many cases they are connected. By rehabilitating the bite through various different treatments, including full mouth rehabilitation, or even providing a simple night appliance, we can heal many, and sometimes all symptoms. Our clients then go on to live life free of the aggravation and stress that pain can cause.

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