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Halitosis is the medical term for bad breath. Up to 60% of the adult population experiences this serious problem. It can adversely affect your personal, social, family and business relationships. Many people around you may be too embarrassed to tell you about your condition for fear of hurting your feelings.

  • Clear up bad breath
  • Boost your confidence
  • Discreetly treat your condition
  • Home care program plan
  • Diet and lifestyle analysis


Is there a medical term for “bad breath”?

Yes, the medical term for bad breath is Halitosis.

How many people experience this problem of bad breath or halitosis?

Up to 60% of the adult population experiences chronic bad breath.

Why do I get bad breath?

Oral malodors are the usually result of volatile sulfur compounds specifically, hydrogen sulfide. These are produced by bacterial decomposition often from left over foods in between teeth and on the tongue, plaque, and dead decaying matter. It can also come from bacterial break down in gum pockets and old mercury leaky fillings. Bad breath can also be caused by some medical conditions of the body and certain medications.

How can I treat my bad breath?

Our dedicated team specializes in the detection, assessment and treatment of bad breath, bad taste and related conditions. A thorough assessment is performed as well as a complete diet and lifestyle analysis. A custom treatment plan including a full mouth cleansing, professional hygiene, laser sterilization and a custom home care program with Breath RX products is instituted.

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